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Est: 1981

Constitution of North Island Saint Bernard Association Incorporated

1.                  Name

The name of this Society is "North Island Saint Bernard Association Incorporated" (hereinafter called the Association).

2.                  Registered Office

The Registered Office of the Association is at such place as the Committee from time to time determines.

3.                  Interpretation

The following definitions apply in this constitution;


AGM means Annual General Meeting of the Association

Committee:  The group elected and co-opted under clauses 8.4 and 13.1.11.

Financial member means any life member and any ordinary member admitted to membership under this Constitution and whose subscription is current. 

in writing includes communication on paper or electronic format

NZKC means the New Zealand Kennel Club Incorporated. 

Ordinary member means those members who have paid the full annual subscription for the current financial year

4.                  Objects and Powers

The objectives and powers of the Association are to:

4.1              Encourage the correct breeding, exhibiting and rearing of pedigree Saint Bernard’s according to the standard laid down by the New Zealand Kennel Club (“NZKC”)


4.2              Hold ribbon parades, Open Shows, Championship Shows and other functions according to the rules and regulations of the NZKC and the Association.


4.3              Promote fellowship and mutual support amongst all dog owners and the general public through social activities and events


4.4              Educate and assist breeders, owners, the public, judges and the veterinary profession in all aspects relating to the health and welfare of the Saint Bernard.


4.5              To purchase, lease, hire, or otherwise acquire any real or personal property.


4.6              To sell, let out, or hire and/or otherwise dispose of or deal with any of the property or assets of the Association.


4.7              To construct, maintain or alter any building or property owned by the Association.


4.8              To raise money, other than by borrowing, or invest funds on such terms as may be beneficial to the Association.


4.9              To take, defend or abandon legal proceedings.


4.10          To enter into and terminate employment agreements or contracts for goods and/or services.


4.11          To enter into and terminate any contract or arrangement with any Society, Local Government Authority, Government Department, Corporation, or any other body.


4.12          To open and operate bank accounts in accordance with normal banking practices, with the exception that the Association must not obtain or operate an overdraft facility on such bank accounts.

5.                  Zone of influence


The Zone of Influence of the Association (that portion of New Zealand in which the Association is authorised to hold recognised activities under authority of NZKC Rules) is the North Island of New Zealand.

6.                  Subscriptions

6.1              The Committee may in any year set an annual subscription for membership with power to waive all or part of it in respect of any Member or Members.

6.2              The annual subscription for the forthcoming financial year is to be set by the committee no later than eight weeks before the AGM

6.3              Members are to be notified of the forthcoming subscription, in writing using normal post or electronic mail, no later than two weeks before the commencement of the financial year

6.4              Annual subscriptions are payable in advance and must be received by the Treasurer no later than the first day of the new financial year

6.5              The first subscription for new members is to be at the full rate for one year irrespective of when in that year they join the Association.  The second year’s subscription will be adjusted by the Treasurer to compensate for any overpayment that may have occurred in the payment of the first year’s subscription.  The adjustment is to be calculated using the formula of the full rate being payable up to the end of the sixth month after the start of that financial year and from then on deductible by one twelfth for each complete calendar month.


7.                  Members and membership of the Association

7.1              Membership of the Association may be granted to any person by simple majority vote at any constituted meeting of the Associations committee

7.2              New members are, where practicable, to be supplied with a copy of the constitution of the Association.

7.3              Life Membership

7.3.1        On the recommendation of the Committee, a Member who in the opinion of the Committee has rendered outstanding services to the Association may be nominated to be a Life Member of the Association.

7.3.2        If accepted by the Committee, a proposal may be submitted to a motion voted on at any general meeting of the Association.

7.3.3        To be elected, at least two-thirds of those present and voting at a general meeting must be in favour of the motion.

7.3.4        A person elected to Life Membership is thereafter entitled to all the privileges of membership without paying any yearly subscription or any special payment for such Life Membership.

7.3.5        Not more than two persons may be elected as Life Members at any AGM with a maximum of 5 Life Members

7.4              Membership of the Association may be terminated by:

7.4.1        Written resignation from the Member sent to the Secretary of the Association, or

7.4.2        Resolution of the Committee on any one (1) or more of the following grounds:              Any breach of this constitution.              Conduct prejudicial to the good name and office of the NZKC, the Association, or its members.

7.4.3        The member’s annual subscription is in arrears for three months or more

7.4.4        Where termination of membership under clause 7.4.2 is contemplated by the Committee the Member concerned must be notified in writing of the grounds on which termination of membership is proposed, and must be given an opportunity to submit to the Committee an explanation in writing within thirty (30) days of receipt of the written notice.              Any resolution to terminate a person’s membership shall require at least two-thirds of the Committee to vote in favour of the resolution.

8.                  Annual General Meeting of the Association

8.1              The Association’s AGM must be called to be held between 1 May and 30 June in each year.

8.2              Each AGM of the Association must be held at a time and place decided by the Committee.

8.3              Members must be given at least fourteen (14) days notice in writing of the AGM and must be provided with the President's Annual Report and financial statements prior to the commencement of the meeting.

8.4              The business of the meeting will be to:

8.4.1        Confirm the minutes of the previous AGM and any Special General Meetings since held.

8.4.2        Receive and adopt the Annual Report and financial statements of the Association.

8.4.3        Elect the Patron of the Association.

8.4.4        Elect the officers of the Association and additional members of the Committee in accordance with clause 13.1.11 and 13.9 of this constitution.

8.4.5        Appoint an auditor or reviewer.

8.4.6        Fix any annual subscription on the recommendation of the Committee.

8.4.7        Transact any other business of which notice in writing has been given to the Secretary at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the meeting.

8.5              Voting on any other matter at the AGM may be by voice, hand or secret ballot. 

8.6              The President shall appoint 2 scrutineers to count the postal votes. 

8.7              Any voting paper containing more than the required number of names will be declared invalid.

8.8              Notices of Motion signed by the proposed and seconder must be in the hands of the Secretary at least 6 weeks before the AGM.

8.9              The accidental or inadvertent failure to comply with any of the requirements of this clause 8 does not invalidate the proceedings at that meeting or any resolutions passed pursuant to it.


9.                  Special General Meeting of the Association

9.1              The Committee must convene a Special General Meeting within three (3) weeks of:

9.1.1        A majority of the Committee voting in favour of such a meeting; or

9.1.2        Receiving a written request for such a meeting from not less than 15 Members of the Association. Such a request for a Special General Meeting must specify the purpose of the meeting.

9.2              Members must be given at least fourteen (14) days notice, incorporating the agenda, of any Special General Meeting.

9.3              The meeting is to be held, where practicable, within 21 days of the receipt of the request

9.4              Such a meeting must consider only those matters for which it was called.

9.5              The Chairman is to decide whether the voting is to be by ballot, voice or show of hands. 

9.6              The Chairman may only vote in the case of a tie in the voting.

10.                  Quorum

10.1              The quorum for any Special Meeting or Annual General Meeting is ten (10) financial Members, of whom not less than three (3) must be members of the Committee.

10.2              If the President becomes aware at any stage of a general meeting that a quorum is no longer present, those Members remaining present must decide whether to continue, adjourn or abandon the meeting, with the President having the casting vote in the event of a tie.

11.                  Voting

11.1              Each Member present is entitled to one (1) vote on any motion presented.  In the event of a tied decision, the President exercises a casting vote.

11.2              Any Member who cannot be present at the general meeting is entitled to appoint another Member to vote on their behalf so long as written notice of proxy is lodged in writing with the Secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting.

12.                  Conduct of meetings of the Association

12.1              The President or in her/his absence, the Vice President must chair all meetings of the Association. If neither is present then a Member appointed by the meeting must chair the meeting.

12.2              Voting at all meetings is, at the chairperson’s discretion, by voices or by a show of hands, except that three Members or the chairperson of the meeting may require the voting to be by secret ballot taken in a manner determined by the chairperson of the meeting.

12.3              Except as otherwise provided by this constitution, any resolution requires a simple majority of eligible votes cast.

12.4              If, for any reason, any member of the committee is unable to personally attend a meeting at the time, date, and place notified it will be sufficient that they forward their comments on the agenda, in writing, to the Secretary before the date of the proposed meeting. 

12.4.1    Where the agenda indicates that a vote by that member is required it should be included in the written statement. 

12.5    Production of the statement at the meeting is to be treated as if that member had attended the meeting in person.

12.6    Where a committee member is unable to attend any meeting but wishes to put forward a proposal for discussion at that meeting then the proposal is to be sent in writing by the member to all others on the committee no later than 21 days before the proposed meeting.

12.7    The persons holding the positions of Treasurer, Magazine Editor, Promotion Officer, Information Officer, Sub-branch Officers and Rescue Officers are to submit a report in writing at each committee meeting on their activities since the previous committee meeting.

13.                  Committee

13.1        A Committee must be elected annually and comprise the following:

13.1.1          President

13.1.2          Vice President

13.1.3          Secretary

13.1.4          Treasurer

13.1.5          One person may jointly hold the offices of the Secretary/Treasurer;

13.1.6          Six committee members

13.1.7          Magazine Editor

13.1.8          Promotion Officer

13.1.9          Trophy Manager

13.1.10      Three Rescue Officers representing upper North Island, central North Island and lower North Island

13.1.11      At the discretion of the Committee any financial member may be co-opted to the Committee to fill a vacancy created on the Committee. Any person co-opted onto the committee in these circumstances has full committee rights

13.1.12      Those elected or co-opted to the committee shall retire each year but are eligible for re-election or to be co-opted again.

13.2          The following Members are not eligible to be elected or co-opted onto the Committee:

13.2.1          Any member with less than 1 full year’s membership.

13.2.2          Any member who resides outside the Association’s Zone of Influence.

13.3          In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of President before the end of the term, the Vice-President will fill the vacancy.

13.4          In the event of a vacancy occurring in any position other than President, the vacancy will be filled from amongst the committee

13.5          Nominations for officers and members of the Committee must be called not less than twenty eight (28) days prior to the AGM and be lodged with the Secretary seven (7) days prior to the meeting.  Details of the nominees must be made available to all financial members at least seven (7) days prior to the AGM.  In the event that insufficient nominations are received then nominations from the floor are permitted at the AGM provided that the nominations are made immediately following the approval of previous minutes and matters arising.

13.6          Nominations must be signed by a nominator and seconder both of whom must be financial members. The nomination must be endorsed by the person being nominated to the effect that he/she is willing to accept nomination.

13.7          In the event that no nominations are received for any one (1) or more of the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer, then the elected Committee may make an appointment from within their number for the position(s) for which there has been no nomination.

13.8          In the event that no member of the elected Committee is willing to accept office as President then nominations must be called for again and upon receipt of nominations a Special General Meeting must be called for the purpose of conducting an election for a President.

13.9          In the event that no member of the elected Committee is willing to accept office for vacant officer positions other than President, then a Member may be co-opted to the Committee for that purpose.

13.10      The newly elected officers and members of the Committee take office immediately upon the conclusion of the AGM during which they were elected.

13.11      The Committee meets at such times as it determines, but no fewer than four (4) times each year.

13.12      Where practicable, the Secretary is to give each committee member not less than 30 days notice in writing of the date, time, and agenda for the next meeting. 

13.13      Urgent business arising between committee meetings may only be dealt with by the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Any decision made in these circumstances must be unanimous.

13.14      The President or in his/her absence another member of the Committee approved by those present must preside at all meetings of the Committee.

13.15      A quorum for all such meetings is not less than five (5) members of the Committee.

13.16      A Committee member is immediately disqualified from office in the event that the member:

13.16.1      is absent from three (3) consecutive Committee meetings without the consent of the Committee; or

13.16.2      is convicted of an offence liable to punishment by imprisonment; or

13.16.3      is declared bankrupt; or

13.16.4      loses legal capacity.


14.                  Management of the Association

14.1              The management of the Association is vested in the Committee which may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things as the Association is by this constitution authorised to exercise and do.

14.2              In addition to, and not in limitation of, the general powers of the Committee conferred or implied by this constitution, the Committee has the authority to:

14.2.1          Appoint a member of the Association to fill any casual vacancy on the Committee until the next AGM.

14.2.2          Form any standing, liaison, advisory or sub-committee that may be deemed necessary.  Such committees must report in writing and be responsible to the Committee.  The President of the Association must, subject to their acceptance, be a member of any such committee.

14.3          The Committee must keep a register of Members and their addresses and notify them of all general meetings.

14.4          The committee is responsible for the management of all the affairs of the Association and is to present an Annual Report, audited Balance Sheet and Statement of Income and Expenditure to the AGM of the Association.

14.5          The committee may, where necessary, appoint a Show Manager, a Show Secretary, and a Trophy Steward or any other position to fulfil a short term role..

15.                  Principal duties of the Secretary

15.1              The principal duties of the honorary secretary are to:

15.1.1                Carry out such duties as directed by the committee.

15.1.2                To efficiently maintain all records of the Association and to accurately record the minutes of all meetings.

15.1.3                Conduct Association correspondence and to keep a proper record of all such correspondence.

15.1.4                Bring to the notice of the Committee any matter which may appear contrary to the rules of the Association.

15.1.5                Arrange for the holding of the AGM.

15.1.6                Maintain and update a membership book containing the names and addresses of all members of the Association.

15.1.7                Four (4) weeks before the date set by the committee for the AGM, forward to all members at their last know address a notification of the meeting together with the Annual Report and postal voting forms.

16.                  Principal duties of the Treasurer

16.1              The principal duties of the honorary treasurer are to:

16.1.1                Carry out such duties as directed by the committee.

16.1.2                Arrange the collection of all money due to the Association and to issue an official receipt for same.  All money collected shall be accounted for and shall be banked in the Association’s bank account.

16.1.3                Arrange for the payment of all money owing by the Association.  All payments shall be made by cheque or electronic transfer authorised by any two of the following, the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, except that the Treasurer may operate a petty cash account within the limits set by the committee from time to time;

Provided that no person shall be permitted to countersign any cheque where they or any of their immediate family is the intended payee.

16.1.4                Properly keep and maintain all books of accounts which are to be kept up to date and which may be perused at any reasonable time by members of the Association.

16.1.5                Ensure that the Annual Balance Sheet and Statements of Accounts are prepared for presentation to the AGM.

17.              Auditor or Reviewer

An Auditor or Reviewer, who is not a Member, shall be appointed at each AGM for the purpose of auditing or reviewing the books and certify the financial statements of the Association for presentation to the Committee and the next Association AGM

18.              Bank Account

18.1          The Committee may establish such bank accounts as it considers appropriate which must be operated, manually or electronically, jointly on the signatures or authorisation of any two of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer authorised and appointed for that purpose by the Committee. 

18.2          Any one (1) of the signatories authorised under clause 16.1.3 may endorse negotiable instruments when lodging these on behalf of the Association.

18.3          No person shall be permitted to countersign any cheque where they or any of their immediate family is the intended payee.

19.              Financial Year

The financial year of the Association commences on 1 August each year and concludes on 31 July in the following calendar year.


20.              Interest Disclosure

20.1          A member of the Committee and anyone in attendance at a Committee meeting is deemed to be interested in a transaction to which the Association is a party if, and only if, the Committee Member:

20.1.1          Is a party to, or will or may derive a material financial benefit from, the  transaction; or

20.1.2          Has a material financial interest in another party to the transaction; or

20.1.3          Is a director, officer, or trustee of another party who will or may derive a material financial benefit from, the transaction; or

20.1.4          Is a parent, child, spouse, sibling, civil union partner, or de facto partner of another party, or person who will or may derive a material financial benefit from, the transaction; or

20.1.5          Is otherwise directly or indirectly materially interested in this transaction whether beneficially or adversely; or

20.1.6          Is a member of any other organisation whether a legal entity or not, which is in competition with the activities of the Association or NZKC.

20.2          Any financial interest of any member described in clause 18.1 is deemed a material interest unless the member establishes otherwise to the satisfaction of the Association or NZKC.

20.3          Any Committee member who is interested as defined in clause 18.1 must not participate in any discussion on, or vote on any transaction or matter in respect of which that interest relates.

20.4          A Committee Member must, after becoming aware of the fact that he or she is interested in a transaction or proposed transaction with the Association, disclose forthwith to the Committee:

20.4.1          The nature and extent of that interest

20.4.2          If the monetary value of the Member’s interest is able to be quantified, the monetary value of that interest.

20.4.3          For the purposes of subsection 18.4.1 of this section, a general notice disclosed to the Committee to the effect that a Member is a shareholder, director, officer or trustee or employee of a named company or organisation and is to be regarded as interested in any transaction which may, after the date of the entry or disclosure, be entered into with that company or organisation, is a sufficient disclosure of interest in relation to that transaction.

20.4.4          Any person who is nominated or agrees to being nominated for the Committee must immediately upon or in conjunction with such nomination or agreement lodge with the Association a disclosure of any interest which would comply with this clause 18.3 were that person to be elected to the Committee.


21.              Pecuniary Gain

21.1          Any income, benefit or advantage must be applied to the purposes of the Association.

21.2          No Member or person associated with a Member may derive any income, benefit or advantage from the Association except where that income, benefit or advantage is derived from:

21.2.1          Professional services to the Association rendered in the course of business charged at no greater rate than current market rates; or

21.2.2          Interest on money lent at no greater rate than current market rates.

21.3    The provisions and effect of this clause must not be removed from this document and must be included and implied into any document replacing this document.

22.              Disposal of Saint Bernards


22.1          Any member of this Association who for any reason disposes of, whether by way of gift, sale, or any other means, any Saint Bernard owned by them, then they must disclose to the new owner any adverse characteristics, traits, behavioural problems, or veterinary defects that the particular Saint Bernard may have at the time of disposal.


22.2          Any member of this Association disposing of a Saint Bernard and not making the disclosures as required under Rule 22.1 then that member may be called upon by the committee to explain why all known adverse characteristics, traits, behavioural problems, or veterinary defects were not disclosed to the new owner prior to the animal’s disposal.


22.3          Any person who obtains a Saint Bernard from any member of the Association and considers that the member has not fully complied with the provisions of Rule 22.1 then that person may lodge a complaint in writing with the Secretary of the Association. 


22.3.1          The complaint is to be accompanied by a deposit of $20.  This deposit is refundable if the committee upholds the complaint.


22.3.2          On receipt of a written complaint, with the appropriate fee, the Secretary is to advise all committee members and is to forward a copy of the complaint by registered post to the last known address of the member complained of.


22.3.3          The member complained of is to be called upon to answer the complaint in writing to the Secretary of the Association.


22.4          The committee must consider all statements submitted on the matter and may, if necessary, seek further advice and/or evidence from the parties involved or from any other person.


22.5          Any member about whom a complaint under Rule 20.1 has been lodged has 28 days from the date of posting of a copy of that complaint to that member in which to send their reply in writing to the Secretary of the Association.


22.6          Where a member has been duly served with a copy of the complaint and has failed, without reasonable excuse, to reply within the time allowed then the committee is to consider the complaint as if the member had replied.


22.7          Penalty


22.7.1          Where the committee by a two third majority finds that a member has breached Rule 20.1 and where no written complaint in terms of Rule 20.3 has been received, then the offending member is liable to a levy not exceeding $20.00 or to a reprimand or both.


22.7.2          Where the committee by a two third majority finds that a member has breached Rule 20.1 and where no written complaint in terms of Rule 20.1 has been received, then the offending member is liable to  a levy not exceeding $100.00 or disqualification from the Association and its activities for a period not exceeding 3 years or both.


22.8          Right of Appeal


22.8.1          Where a complaint pursuant to this Rule has been found to be proved, the offender has the right of appeal to the Executive Council of NZKC against the Association’s findings or penalties or both.


22.9          Disposal of Levy


22.9.1          Any levies paid to the Association become the property of the Association who may dispose of it as they see fit.


22.10      Publicity


22.10.1      Publicity of all matters pertaining to the complaint is to be suppressed until such time as all findings and any subsequent appeals have been heard and decided


23.              Sub-branches

Sub-branches may be formed within the Zone of Influence of the Association by those financial members wishing to hold ribbon parades, Match Meetings, and social and educational gatherings which will be to the betterment of the aspirations of, and in accordance with, the rules of the Association and those of New Zealand Kennel Club.


24.              Formation of a sub-branch


24.1          A sub-branch may be formed when the following criteria are met:


24.1.1          There are not less than 5 financial members of the Association wishing to form a sub-branch, and


24.1.2          The members reside within the Zone of Influence of the proposed sub-branch; and


24.1.3          Formal permission to establish the sub-branch has been be obtained from the Committee of the Association; and


24.1.4          All members of the Association residing within the proposed Zone of Influence must be notified of the intention to form a sub-branch.


25.              Sub-branch Zone of Influence


The Zone of Influence of each sub-branch is to be defined by the committee and is not to transgress on any other sub-branches Zone of Influence.


26.              Sub-branch Committees

Sub-branch committees are to consist of two sub-branch members who are current financial members of the Association.  The committee has the authority to co-opt any other persons in the sub-branch to assist them in the day to day running of the sub-branch.


27.              Election of Sub-branch Committees

27.1          The election of the committee of the sub-branch is to be by a simple majority vote at an annual meeting of the sub-branch subject to the following conditions:

27.1.1          The location of the meeting is to be at a place convenient to all interested parties; and

27.1.2          Notification of the meeting is to be forwarded to the Secretary of the Association and all Association members residing in the Zone of Influence of the sub-branch; and

27.1.3          Those elected to the committee of the sub-branch will retire 12 months after their election but are eligible for re-election.


28.              Sub-branch meetings


Informal meetings may be held by the sub-branch at any time


29.              Sub-branch Activities


29.1          Any activities proposed by the sub-branch may only take place provided notification of each intended activity is forwarded to the Secretary not less than 28 days prior to the function. 


29.2          No planned activity is to compromise approved activities of any other sub-branch.


30.              Sub-branch Reports

30.1          A report of each activity held by a sub-branch is to be forwarded to the Secretary no later than 14 days after the activity has occurred

30.2          A financial statement of the sub-branch is to be forwarded to the Treasurer at 3-monthly intervals and at such other times as requested by the Secretary.

30.3          The two (2) elected officers of the sub-branch are responsible for completing and forwarding all reports to the Secretary or Treasurer, as the case may be.


31.              Sub-branch finances

31.1          All gifts, donations and other money or goods gained through the activities of a sub-branch remain the property of the sub-branch and may be used by them for the benefit of the sub-branch.

31.2          Where gifts, donations and other money or goods are made to the Association through the sub-branch then they are forwarded immediately to the Treasurer for the benefit of all members of the Association.

31.3          The sub-branch committee will open a current account with a banking institution.  The signatories of the account will be both of the elected officers of the sub-branch.


32.              Open and Championship Shows


No sub-branch is to attempt to arrange or organise either an Open or Championship Show.  These shows are the sole responsibility of the Committee of the Association.


33.              Dissolution of Sub-branch


In the event of a sub-branch being unable to fulfil its obligations and objectives, formal notice from the committee of the sub-branch is to be forwarded immediately to the Secretary of the Association and all money and property held by the sub-branch is to be transferred to the Association at its registered office being the address of the Secretary.


34.              Common Seal

Following a resolution of the Committee, whenever the Common Seal is required to be affixed to any deed or other document it must be affixed, by either the President or Secretary and one (1) other member of the Committee thereby authorised to affix the Seal.  The persons so affixing the Seal shall at the same time sign the document to which it is affixed.

35.              Alteration to Constitution

35.1          This constitution may only be altered, added to or rescinded at any general meeting of the Association, notice of intention to make such changes having been given in the notice convening the meeting, provided that no such alteration or addition to or rescission of this constitution can be made so as to detract from the objectives of the Association.  To effect any such alteration or addition to or rescission of this constitution at least two-thirds of the eligible votes cast must be in favour of such alteration. 

35.2          Any proposed alteration, addition, or amendment is to be given to all financial members not less than 14 days before the meeting

36.              Liquidation

36.1          Prior to any resolution for the liquidation of the Association and the division of its surplus assets being considered at an Annual or Special General Meeting, the contractual obligations of the Association must be considered.

36.2          Any resolution for the liquidation of the Association and the division of its surplus assets must be passed at an Annual or Special General Meeting to appoint a liquidator in accordance with the provisions of The Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and its subsequent amendments.  This resolution must be confirmed at a subsequent general meeting of the Association called for that purpose and held not earlier than thirty (30) days after the date on which the resolution to be confirmed was passed.  The resolution and the confirmation must be carried by a simple majority of the valid votes cast at the general meeting.  If upon liquidation of the Association, after satisfaction of debts and liabilities, there remain any assets whatsoever, these must be passed over to NZKC.


This is the constitution of North Island Saint Bernard Association Incorporated as adopted at the Annual Meeting held on 26 October 2013


Signature         ________________________                       

This constitution was first published in 1993.

The North Island Saint Bernard Association became an Incorporated Society on 13 September 1995 (reg. no. 696209)

Financial year was altered at the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Association: from 1 April to 31 March. Rule 8 was amended at the 2022 AGM to accommodate this change.

This version incorporates amendments to clauses 16.1.3, 18.1 and 36.1 approved at the 2019 AGM




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